Guardian of the Sky - Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Sky Flame Attribute : Harmony / Petrification
Fighting Style: Hand to Hand Combat / Flight
Weapon of choice: X - Gloves
Techniques: Zero Point Breakthrough - First Edition and Custom, X-Burner, Burning Axel
Vongola Box: Sky
Vongola Box Weapon: Natsu (Sky Lion)
Cambio Forma: Vongola Box - Mantello di Vongola Primo, Mittena di Primo 

The current 10th Vongola Boss (though he constantly denies it) and the lead protagonist of the story. He is weak in some aspects most especially in physical and academic studies and has a very low self-esteem that made him known as “Loser Tsuna”. But with his soft, kind-hearted nature to his friends, allies and even in his enemies; makes him standout above the rest. After being nominated as the next Vongola boss, he is being trained by a strong hitman known as Reborn because the other candidates to become boss died and also the fact that he is a direct descendant to the first Vongola boss named Primo. Even with his constant rejection of the fact that he is the next boss, he learns to accept all of this due to the conflicts and trials that come his way. He somewhat resembles Primo in traits and even appearance.

Tsuna in Dying Will Mode

            Tsuna possesses the Dying Will Flame and every time he is shot by Reborn’s Dying Will Bullet, his physical abilities are increased dramatically in order for him to fulfill his regrets. In the Kokuyo arc he gains the ability of Hyper Dying Will mode which is a more powerful version of his previous Dying Will mode. He also gains a new weapon, the X-gloves which is a similar weapon to Primo but the symbol on them are different (Primo is I while Tsuna is X). The X-gloves is made of the same material as the Dying Will bullet also enables him to ignite flames from the gloves and uses them as propulsion when he flies.

Ring of the Sky and Vongola Coat of Arms

Xanxus vs. Tsuna

In the Ring Conflict arc, he underwent training with Reborn before fighting Xanxus of the Varia. During his fight with Xanxus, he used two new techniques. One was a technique used by the 9th and Primo, the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition and the other is his own technique, the Zero Point Breakthrough Custom. The Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition is a technique that can extinguish and freezes flame attacks. The Zero Point Breakthrough Custom is a technique that absorbs flames and uses it as his own. Being a descendant to Primo and possesses same bloodline, he gains an innate ability called “Hyper Intuition” giving him a much greater insight.

X-Gloves version Vongola Ring

In the Future arc and during his training with Future Hibari, he undergoes a test conducted by the previous bosses of the Vongola and after passing the test; he gained an upgraded version of the X-gloves known as X-gloves Version Vongola Ring which enables him to use an even stronger version of hard flame. 

Tsuna executing X-Burner

After meeting Spanner in Melone base, Tsuna perfected his X-burner technique thru the help of Spanner. He also obtained from his future self a box weapon, the Vongola Box of the Sky.

1st Generation Vongola Guardians L to R: Alaude, Knuckle, G., Primo (Giotto), Asari Ugetsu, Lampo and Daemon Spade

In order to unlock the power of the Vongola Box of the Sky, Tsuna and the others were suggested to back to their time, temporarily, to perform the succession test from the First Generation Vongola Guardians. The first generation Vongola Boss, Primo, appeared to them and tells Tsuna and the others that they have yet to gain the true power of the Vongola. 

Sky Arcobaleno Boss Yuni

Tsuna’s tutor in the succession test is Yuni, the Sky Arcobaleno Boss. Primo watched over Tsuna during the span of the succession and accepted him as his true successor and made pass the test since he believes that Tsuna carries his will. 

Tsuna and Natsu

 His box weapon is a box animal, a Sky Lion Version Vongola, which he named as Natsu. Natsu can petrify flame attacks using the harmony attribute of the Sky flame. Natsu can also transform himself into a weapon from the first Vongola boss. 

Tsuna using Mantello di Vongola Primo

These are Mantello di Vongola Primo (Mantle of Vongola Primo), a cloak that Tsuna uses to block attacks and the Mittena di Vongola Primo (loosely translated as Primo’s Gloves) which enables him to use the Burning Axel technique.

Tsuna performing the Burning Axel
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